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I am trying to analyse a known CAN signal (8 numeric char @ 500baud with 50ms delay between transmission). The signal is sent at 500kbPs and the logic analyser measures the signal correctly, I have confirmed this with an oscilloscope. However I can not get the DECODER to come up with a correct decode. I set to 500,000 bits/sec but it thinks its reading an extended address 29 and not 11, though I am not quire sure of the sample point (%) and its use?? maybe you can explain. I have tried a number of setting but nothing close?? Note I am using the latest DSLOGIC windows version V
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Hi Stealth,

Could you upload some pictures about your issues.
As we know, the default setting of CAN analyzer is working well.
Does it happens only at 500kbps ? or any setting?
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