Topics about DSLogic as a wireless data acquisition device
I know the wiki is work in progress and there is already a ton of info on there but I'm not yet able to use my wireless DAQ. Could be I missed something off course.

So. The wireless DAQ allows you to capture data over Analog, digital, uart or i2c/spi as far as I understand. Which is great. But how dio I use it. The wiki tells me how to install the firmware/software but does not link to any firmware. Furthermore I understood you can write your own programs for the probe but how? Some example sourcecode for some most used sensor would be great. Say a potentiometer on the analog input or a i2c temperature sensor.

Interfacing to any specific sensor is the endusers job but how does the acquisition work, how does the probe send the data to the dslogic and which libraries calls should be made.

Can you specify when this will be posted in the wiki? I see long pauses of up to 2 weeks between updates of the wiki. Please share as much as you can even if its not yet 100% to you liking.

Keep up the good work.
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Code can be downloaded on Dreamsourcelab Github https://github.com/DreamSourceLab

I suggest they should place a link to their Github on the website.
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Hi Maartenr,

You can find the example codes about the wireless DAQ on our Github page

We also need your participation on the usage of the wireless DAQ. Please post your work on this forum, we will pick up some typical usage to post on our wiki site.
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