DSView v0.96 version released!

General Topics about DSView software
0.96 (2016-08-12)
*change color matching of UI
*fix memory leakage issues
*improve stability of usb transfer
*add new hardware support
*improve interaction of mouse operations
*improve stability of multi-thread operations
*change usb driver under windows system
*add path memory for file operations
*custom windows title of UI
*change path of setting files, avoid authority issues

--for logic analyzer
*add list viewer for results of protocol decoders
*add search function for protocol list viewer
*add file export for results of protocol decoders
*improve speed and memory usage of protocol decoders
*improve protocol decoders scripts (i2c, uart, spi already done)
*add start and end settings for protocol decoders
*improve serial trigger, add counter for serial value
*improve display and settings for protocol decoders
*add display of trigger time
*add multi-row search for protocol list viewer
*add trigger position and time for file save
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--for oscilloscope
*add FFT function for signal analyzer
*add auto/trigger shift function
*improve zero adjustment program
*add manual zero adjustment
*add gain adjustment for each vdiv
*fix signal display issue when resize window
*fix crash issue when change measure settings
*fix run-without-display issue
*add trigger sensitivity setting
*add display of trigger status
*fix measure setting reset issue
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At first thank you for your greatly designed devices which are very compact, nice to see and (I hope) great to work with.
I just ordered DSLogic and DSCope. Than installed DSView. It looks very nice! But in installation instructions written, that to be able to work with device drivers in Windows it should be disabled the driver signature enforcement before installing the software (as I understand, device drivers have no valid digital signature for Win8 and Win10 at the moment).
So do you plan to make digitally signed driver or something else to make installation more native? (sorry for bad English)
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Hi hukuma,

Yes. We are fighting with digital signatures.
If it goes well, a version without driver signature limit will be released in a near future.

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