[solved] Linux: getting errors and can't connect to devices

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I'm still getting this error message in the console:

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sr: ezusb: Unable to set configuration: LIBUSB_ERROR_OTHER
sr: Firmware upload was not needed.
sr: Unable to get version info: LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT.
sr: Failed to get firmware version.
sr: Unable to open device.

And I can't get anything from any of the devices. They both work, I've tested them on Windows and work just fine. There's no problem with the user access, I get the same error when running with root user. I think this is more related to the libusb.

Any help please? It's been two weeks since I got the equipment and can't use them properly.


Nevermind, I just recompiled every dependency for the Nth time and it worked this time, both in my laptop and in my desktop!
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When you compile the source, is there any issues?
Please using lsusb command to check the device is recognized normally.
What's the version of libusb you used to compile?

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As I said in the other thread I created (in the wrong section):

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< epilef@WarpOut:~ > $ lsusb
Bus 004 Device 003: ID 2a0e:0001

I'm building with the script Anatol created for the Arch linux user repositories (AUR) (link)

And building against libusb 1.0.20-1

Solved. Recompiled everything, even all de dependencies and it worked THIS time... I don't know what was actually the problem.
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