Oscilloscope Extension not being dectected

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I have been having trouble getting DSView to detecting the Oscilloscope Extension module(plugged into DSLogicPro).
The OSC Icon is not being shown and there for you can't use the Oscilloscope. After downloading all versions of DSView I have found the following:-

OSX v0.9.2 Working
Ubuntu v0.9.5.1 NotWorking
Windows v0.9.3.1 Working
Windows v0.9.4.1 NotWorking
Windows v0.9.5.1 NotWorking

Has anybody else had this problem?
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We disabled the "OSC" mode for DSLogic Pro in software layer.
Because oscilloscope extension is designed only for the old DSLogic.
We release the DSCope to replace the oscilloscope extension.

The oscilloscope extension is only offered to the old DSLogic user.
Please mail to the support(support@dreamsourcelab.com), maybe we can replace it for you.
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