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I must say that I am very happy that the project still continues but on the other hand I am now extremely fed up and even more disappointed!
I believe that the step of releasing the brand new device after nearly half a year of silence and no progress if the most unfair movement to your current backers. There were many fixes released or proposed by the community absolutely ignored from your side.
To be honest, the original DS logic device was just half baked, the software didn't even left beta, the hdl code was never updated and fixed and than the development stopped. No message from you, no progress, nothing.
Now you are saying that there is new DS logic which contains all the requested fixes etc. (manly the Continous Adjustable Threshold)... Does that mean that our original devices, mostly unusable due to the lack of development from your side are now obsolete, because they were actively supported only for about 3 or 4 months???

Guys sorry but in that case, I'd like to ask you for replacing my original DS unit with the newer version as (it might be only my feeling) I feel really really cheated... :-(
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Hi maara,

1) We don't ignore any fixes released or proposed by the community. All of the fixes will be integrated into the new DSView software. And we also hope you can help to maintain the new DSView repo. We will also do a normal commit to this new repo as a open source software.

2) We never abandon the old DSLogic hardware. All the new features of DSView software also works on the old hardware. It's just a new start. DSView is also for the old hardware, and next new features, which will be brought to DSView in the future, will also support the old hardware.

3) DSLogic Pro is just a normal product upgrade. Original devices can also benefit from the improvement of DSView software.

4) We think you don't try the new DSView software on the old DSLogic hardware before you write the post. So please try our new software.
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