DSLogic client crashes on SPI protocol decorder setup

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I'm using the current DSLogic version under Linux. Have tried both latest tarball and github release.

I open DSLogic GUI, choose Logic Analyzer mode with 3 active channels (0-2). I open protocol decorder Window and add SPI decoder. I set MISO/MOSI/SCK pins to channel 0/1/2. I set SSn to 4 although I don't need it. I choose "SSn: Don't use SSn" in SPI options. Then Ok to close the window. Whenever I now try the button to edit these SPI decoder option, Application crashes with error message: "*** Error in `DSLogic': free(): invalid size: 0x00007fff9cf2f7f0 ***"

It seems to be related to the "SSn: Don't use SSn" setting... using different settings seems to work OK. I ended up connecting a 4th channel to VCC and claimed "SSn is Active High" just to stop the Application from crashing. It's so annoying having to setup everything again everytime you start the application. There should be a way to preserve previous settings and possibly even save different default settings.
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v0.4 version will fix this issue. Now you can download and test the v0.4 preview version:
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