0.4.0 - Assertion selecting DAQ if sample rate = 400MHz

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How to reproduce:

1. Start DSLogic client (0.4.0 beta) with DSLogic connected via USB. Nothing is plugged into the DSLogic apart from USB.
2. Select 400MHz from the drop down list in the DSLogic client.
3. Press the DAQ button next to LA and OSC. It will trigger two assertions.

The two assertions are:

File: ..\DSLogic-gui\pv\view\analogsignal.cpp
Line: 80
Expression: _data

File: ..\DSLogic-gui\pv\view\ruler.cpp
Line: 432
Expression: prefix < countof(SIPrefixes)

It doesn't trigger an assertion if sample rate is 200MHz or lower. It is only 400MHz.
You must have a DSLogic connected via USB. The demo device will automatically reset itself to 100MHz when you select DAQ and won't trigger the assertion.
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Thanks for your feedback!
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