Problem with Vertical scale in Osciloscope

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I've just received the DSLogic and it is beautiful.

I've encountered one potential bug in the osciloscope: when increasing the vertical scale the top line seems "truncated", that is I'm looking at the square reference curve generated by DSLogic itself and is does have a normal noise in the up and down levels, but when I increase the vertical scale the top level appears perfectly square.

Specifically when observing the signal from 100mv/div to 5v/div the signal is fine.

From 50mv/div down to 5mv/div the top part of the curve seems "trimmed" or "truncated":

I suspect this is an "out of bounds" issue. If this is the case the interface should change the signal to either be cut off when its out of bounds or at least change colour indicating the signal cannot be displayed correctly.

BTW if this is the case then it is also a pity that we cannot use the full vertical space for a signal.

Am I doing anything wrong?

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Hi humberto,

It is just because the signal is out of bounds. We will improve this to highlight this condition.
Thanks for your feedback!
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