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I'm trying to build DS software on my Gentoo Linux system. As you probably know, installing to system root by make install is not the best known practice, so I've decided to install that all to ~/.local prefix first. I've faced some issues during building so I've decided to create a thread here. Unfortunately I'm quite out of time, so there is not that much research on the problem. Hope it will be helpful somehow.

First I've built all libraries with --prefix="$HOME/.local" argument to autogen and configure (make install does not need to be executed from root in this case). I've added export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:$HOME/.local/lib/pkgconfig" to my bash config to make pkg-config tool see the installed libraries. I guess there was some play around /ets/ but I can't recall it right now for sure.

Than I've tried to build DSLogic-gui and it failed due to not-found include pathes. I've temporary fixed the issue using STATIC_PKGDEPS_LIBS=TRUE and probably -DCMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and some messing in CMakeLists.txt. As a result I have now a working build of DSLogic but the setup process seems to be quite broken as CMakeLists.txt is.
I would be glad to be more specific but, really, guys, I'm not a CMake hacker and guess that developers can draw some attention to the problem. Also packaging of all the stuff to a single archive in a way it is done (some libs here, some libs there, and all this together with a gui in one heap) kind of prevents from creating clear packages (e.g. ebuilds for Gentoo).
I wish there were separate repo's for each library so there could exist per-library packages. What is also totally unclear is why is there a separate libusb in the tarball? With the official libusb of specified version it all builda and runs, so is there a problem? And if so, again, a fork repo will do a better job.

One more thing I didn't find is a way to get data stream from the device in real-time. And I also hope to find some command-line tools out there.

Anyway, thanks for a cool hardware!
With hope on further improvements, Yuriy!
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Thanks for your feedback!
We will stick to improving the product.
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