Voltage scaling issue in Oscilloscope DSLogic Ver. 0.4

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I'm measuring a signal on Ch.1 that is known to be either 0v or 3.3v DC. No matter what scale I select, it shows only 0v or ~1.5v (ie, half of max). So, on 1v/div it reads ~1.5divs and at 500mv/div it reads 3divs and so on.

This anomaly happens either on Win7 64bit SP1 or Ubuntu 14.04LTS x86-64.

'am I doing something wrong or is there a real bug here.

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bump... Andy or some, could you pl. comment on this ?

The voltage scale setting on the dial at the left of the channel center-line, seems to be off by a factor of 2 (or 1/2 depending on the POV). If I select a 500mv/div, for 3.3V I should see ~6div jump, but I see only ~3div jump and so on.

Can someone check and see if this is an issue on their system. If not, any clues as to why I'm seeing such an error (may be invalid config on my part), will be much appreciated.

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Hi venkatbo,

Have you tried to test the reference signal produced by the oscilloscope extension?
It's a 3.3v and 1Khz square signal.

For a functional unit, the scale shouldn't have any problem.

If you can make sure the issue is caused by hardware, we can resend you a new unit.

Sorry for the late reply.
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